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North Rhine-Westphalia offers a leading financial ecosystem of business and science that is being expanded further.
Some 768,000 students at 68 universities are studying here for their future careers. This makes NRW Germany’s number one region for developing new talent.

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Networking managers, specialists and new recruits

The demographic shift is posing major challenges for society and the economy. The supply of capital and labour must be increased. The lack of skilled specialists and new recruits is also taking its toll on the financial sector. To be able to attract and retain young, well trained recruits, it is vitally important for financial hubs to search for and network with young talent. Fin.Connect.NRW offers the chance to broaden perspectives through networking.

NRW is one of the leading science locations

NRW has a solid reputation as an important science location: In addition to a large number of universities and excellence clusters, it is home to the Jülich Research Centre, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and several Max Planck and Fraunhofer Institutes. The Fin.Connect.NRW initiative covers everything from science institutions to the financial sector and local companies. The contacts, supporters and scientific guides at Fin.Connect.NRW are the German Economic Institute (IW), the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) and a number of economics professors.

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Expert support and advice

The digital and climate-neutral transformation and the practical implementation of new knowledge are central challenges for many companies. Innovations and new technologies need to be implemented to tap into opportunities on the market. This means that, for example, digitalisation can be instrumental in paving the way for climate neutrality.

Particularly in the case of small and mid-sized companies, this can be achieved through professional guidance from experts. This being the case, the contacts at Fin.Connect.NRW are also business and financial advisors from chambers of commerce and Zenit GmbH (in which NRW is a shareholder) and consultants such as BCG and zeb-consulting.

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Economic and financial education

Understanding economics, business and finance is becoming more and more important. Having a good working knowledge of these helps people to build up assets, deal with loans, understand insurance and manage money and securities. Financial literacy makes it easier for them to plan for retirement and to make sustainable investments.

The aim of Fin.Connect.NRW is also to encourage financial literacy and to promote it as a requirement for growth, employment and prosperity. North Rhine-Westphalia has already introduced economics as a school subject in all secondary schools as of school year 2020/2021 or has put a greater emphasis on it in the school curriculum to ensure that students have a good knowledge of economic matters. As well as learning about economic systems, this includes central aspects of consumer education.

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