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Expanding the ecosystem and bringing together its players is of key importance for NRW as a financial and business centre. It is easier to boost transformation financing, strengthen the financial centre and create new solutions if we all work together. The NRW financial ecosystem in particular is multi-faceted and a significant competitive and location factor. The aim is to highlight and further develop the strengths that NRW has through its ecosystem. This includes better visibility, communicating „awareness“, information, knowledge and competence as well as identifying medium to long-term future and action fields.

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Better capital mobilisation and matching

For climate-neutral and digital transformation financing

Fin.Connect.NRW is a central networking platform for capital providers, capital seekers and other interested parties – and for cooperation partners to help finance climate-neutral and digital transformation. In this way companies can seize opportunities on the market.

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Innovation and cooperation open up opportunities

Fin.Connect.NRW is expanding the financial ecosystem

The aim is to close information and financing gaps for sustainable investments, to intensify interaction and to increase awareness. The ecosystem – together with interaction and cooperation between players – is of vital importance for innovation, transformation and sustainable finance.

The sheer diversity in the financial centre is a strength and fits with the economic structure of North Rhine-Westphalia. Fin.Connect.NRW brings together a wide cross-section of partners – ranging from science institutions to financial players and local companies – on a level playing field. The stakeholders of this initiative include companies, banks, savings banks, insurance companies, the stock exchange, consultants, private equity and science.


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A strong real economy needs a strong financial centre

Leverage potential and improve visibility

Networking allows future-oriented solutions to be found more quickly and more effectively. By harnessing synergies, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. Better networking increases the visibility of the financial centre – particularly for investors.

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