Study: How banks can be enabled to finance social change

Photo: Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Billions are needed for investments in electromobility, in the sustainability of production processes, in more environmentally friendly heating systems and much more. Banks cannot handle these financing needs on their own, cannot bear the complete risk, or would require an unrealistic amount of additional equity in addition to significant liquidity. A project report shows how covered bonds, e.g. the Pfandbrief, and securitization can help to actively manage liquidity, credit risk, and equity in this situation.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pfingsten, co-author of the study, is the contact and cooperation partner at Fin.Connect.NRW. The study was funded by the Stiftungsprojekts Kapitalmarktunion, with the True Sale International as the business agent for the three foundations.



Aktive Kreditrisiko-, Eigenkapital- und Liquiditätssteuerung: Eine Analyse assetbasierter Instrumente