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What is Fin.Connect.NRW?

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With Fin.Connect.NRW we are expanding the financial ecosystem. The initiative is primarily concerned with financing the economic transformation, proposing solutions and initiating projects.

In the first phase of the project (2020 to October 2023), a network was created that primarily brought together the finance and credit industry (banks, insurance companies, private equity) and some companies from the real economy. In events and studies, the participants have analysed and explained in particular the necessity and importance, but also the difficulties and challenges of transformation financing.

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On the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIKE), Fin.Connect.NRW has been expanded and strengthened since November 2023 (until the end of 2026).

The aim is to establish a competence centre for transformation financing in NRW that supports the real economy and the financial sector in a variety of ways.

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Who will be affected by the CSRD from 2026?

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  • Companies that are already subject to the NFRD
  • Companies that fulfil two of the three criteria:
    • 250 employees 
    • € 40 million turnover 
    • € 20 million balance sheet total
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  • Listed SMEs (with the exception of micro-enterprises)
  • Companies with parent companies from third countries,
    • that achieve a total group turnover of >  € 150 million in the EU for two consecutive years.
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Cooperation Partners

In our network, we work together with our partners from science, finance and the real economy. 
This ecosystem of cooperation partners and financial centre players forms the heart of the initiative.

To our partners

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Go to contact Dr. Ralph Henger
Dr. Ralph Henger

Dr. Ralph

Project Manager, IW

Go to contact Dr. Matthias Mainz
Dr. Matthias Mainz

Dr. Matthias

Managing Director Economic Policy and Digitalization, IHK NRW

Go to contact Bernd Meyer
Bernd Meyer


Project Manager, ZENIT GmbH


Sustainability report: yes, but how?

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"Infrastructure funds must become more accessible"

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VÖB Service: EU taxonomy made easy - savings banks use TAXO TOOL

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KFW: So far only a few SMEs have been approached by banks about sustainability information - but demand is likely to increase

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Transformation needs financing: Our areas of work

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Digitalization and innovation

Artificial intelligence, data management and digitalization are shaping the economy. NRW invests 23 billion euros annually, thereby strengthening the fintech location.

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Transformation financing

The economic transformation is about maintaining good, future-proof jobs and creating new ones.

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Public funding

The EU has set climate neutrality targets for 2050. New technologies are needed, but many financing options are not suitable for banks. Promotional banks play a key role. The EU taxonomy should guide investments and requires clear sustainability criteria for an efficient transformation.

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Climate neutrality and sustainability

The EU is aiming for climate neutrality by 2050, NRW is aiming for 2045. Companies must switch to low-carbon models and integrate ESG criteria into investment decisions in order to promote a sustainable economy.

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Financial and business location NRW

NRW, a leader in business and finance, is striving for a climate-neutral transformation as an investment location. The networking of the financial and real economy is crucial for mastering the transformation requirements.

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Companies are under pressure - from changing framework conditions and the EU taxonomy. Financial institutions are adapting, with the introduction of the "Green Asset Ratio" the transformation process is gaining momentum

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To the topics

Further events: Network with us!

New Malthouse Berlin

SAVE THE DATE | BioVal results conference on 24 September 2024

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oeconomicum of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

Workshop "Sustainable finance in the SME sector: challenges and solutions for successful transformation"

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Hannover - Schwanenburg

Final conference "Field Office Nature"

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